Food in Vancouver-Gold Train Express II

The rainy days of winter can often make you crave something warm- so next time you’re feeling cold and wet, go warm up with some Pho!

Just one short 99-B-Line stop from UBC, you’ll find tons of amenities: Safeway, Banks, Tim Hortons, etc. but one place to ensure you visit is Gold Train Express II! Known for its student-budget-friendly menu prices, this place is not short on delicious taste. Known as the beat place to go for Pho as a UBC student, this place is legendary for it’s weird decor and late night hours. Some have even gone so far as to call it “some of the best Pho in Vancouver”

As I mentioned, around the area you’ll find Safeway, banking, produce stores and much more. This makes GTE a great place to stop when you’re out running errands! In addition, the beautiful Pacific Spirit Park is just a few blocks away! Bring a map and walk back to campus through the park as a great Point Grey adventure: Pacificspiritmap

Just take the 99-B-Line one stop off campus to Sasamat and walk to 4530 W 10th Ave to enjoy some delicious Pho!

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