Food In Vancouver- Meat & Bread

This weekend, I took the time to bus downtown and visit one of my favourite places to eat in Vancouver- Meat & Bread.

Serving exactly what it sounds like, Meat & Bread is a vegetarian celiac’s nightmare!

Meat & Bread has three staple menu items: Porchetta (Pork) with Salsa Verde, Meatball Sandwhich, and Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich. They also have daily special- today it is Turkey Thigh with Chipotle Sauce, Corn and Salsa- as well as Daily Soup and Salad’s- today’s soup is Cuban Stew and the Salad is Bulgar. They are also famous for their delicious rubs and sauces, served with most sandwiches and can be bought separately to take home. My recommendation of all the sandwiches is the porchetta, it is delicious!

The atmosphere at Meat & Bread is relaxed cafeteria style seating. During weekdays, the restaurant fills fast and it can be hard to find a spot to sit as it is quite a small establishment! & Bread has two locations! The Pender Street Location is open Mon-Fri from 11am-4pm. The Cambie Street Location is at the intersection of Cambie & Hastings and is open Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm.

Near the Pender location, you’ll find Coal harbour, and Burrard Landing, and the convention centers!

Near the Cambie location, you will find Gastown, the Steam Clock, The Vancouver Lookout and much more in Vancouver’s heritage district. See the IPA post on La Taqueria for more details.

To get to the Cambie location, take the 4-Powell/Downtown to Cambie Street. To get to the Pender location, take the 44-Downtown and get off at Pender Street.

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