Food in Vancouver- Great Dane Coffee

great daneToday’s recommendation is less of a restaurant and more of a coffee shop.

Located on UBC Campus, Great Dane Coffee is a delicious place to grab a sandwich and a caffeine boost!

Great Dane is a unique coffee shop, surrounded by windows it’s a beautiful place to sit and enjoy. Though there’s limited space for studying in the winter, in the summer the outdoor seating area is wonderful.

Known mostly for their delicious coffee and sandwiches Great Dane also excels at other hot and cold drinks. The staff are also very friendly and put a great deal of effort into making delicious drinks.

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 10.25.30 AM

To get to Great Dane from the bus loop is a three minute walk. Simply walk on the road west if Gage Towers and you’ll see Great Dane on the right once you’re past Gage. 

Near Great Dane you’ll find the UBC Castle, which is soon to become the UBC School of Economics Building.

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 10.29.32 AM

Great Dane is also a short walk from the access stair to Tower Beach. Simply walk through the a parking lot between St. Andrews Hall and Somerville House, turn left on Iona Dr, and follow it down to Marine Dr. Cross Marine Drive to the North West Corner where you’ll find Trail #3 with access to Tower Beach.


Tower Beach is a beautiful rocky beach with views of the North Shore Mountains, and unique graffitied towers.


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