Food In Vancouver- The Naam

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Vancouver is known as a hub of healthy living, you don’t have to look further than the numerous yoga studios and running clubs to see evidence of that. And with food it’s no different!

In Kitsilano neighbourhood, you’ll find hundred of delicious healthy places to eat, but none more so than The Naam. Known for it’s delicious vegetarian cuisine, meat eaters won’t be disappointed at the Naam.

The Naam is open 24 hours a day and is therefore perfect for when you’re getting over jet lag and haven’t bought groceries yet, or have been up late studying. Its breakfast menu is delicious and has fantastic vegan options. And the dinner menu features incredibly filling bowls, so despite the lack of meat you don’t have to worry about not being full.

In addition, The Naam often has live music. to find the schedule of who is playing go here.

To get to The Naam take the 4-Downtown, 84-VCC-Clark, or 44-Downtown to Macdonald Street.  Given its distinctive leave-covered entrance you can’t miss it!


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